How to edit a desktop file

how could i edit a desktop file?i found them in usr/share/applications but how should i edit them?no file manager opens them saying access is denied, and the usual StartAsRoot apps don’t work anymore, any idea?

Editing doesn’t work as defaultuser, but as devel-su it works.

thank you, with which application?a file manager like “file browser” will suffice?or do i need a text editor?

In ‘settings / developer tools’, activate ‘developer mode’ and give a password. Then ‘Terminal’ appears on the app grid.
Open it, type ‘devel-su’[Enter]. Then enter the password. The prompt ‘defaultuser@yourphone’ changes to ‘root@yourphone’. You’re now root and now you can edit the files in /usr/share/applications/ with the vi commandline editor.

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A much better way is to copy the file to ~/.local/share/applications and edit it there.


I use the tIDE editor from here. But please make a copy before you change the files. iIDE you can start as normal editor or as root editor.


Ah maybe that’s why root file managers were not starting

I’m a bit rusty eheheheh

Thank you everyone, my issue is solved now, i edited the file with tide and finally i have defender back :slight_smile:

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