How to download an android app that aurora store can't download

I need to download an app for an Deltaco smart plug and it works with two apps “Smarta hem” or “Deltaco smart home” but i can’t download them.
Aurora store says that i need to purchase the app first but it’s a a free app, is there some problems with aurora store?

How can i download the apk so i can install it and still know that it’s the exact same as from the store?
Can i trust that apkpure is the same as the original apk?
I got no android device so i can’t download it there and use it or to check checksum against one from apkpure.

For me it is possible to download Smarta Hem from Aurora. Maybe you need an update of the Aurora App. There was a major one recently I think

God to know that it works for you.
I upgraded aurora store i hadn’t done it for a long time.
Now aurora store asks me to chose installer (session installer, native installer, root installer, aurora service) and i got no clue what to chose.

Are those downloads from exactly the same as from google-play?
Same checksum?

I was able to download after upgrading aurora store.

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