How to disable ipv6?


I’ve tried disabling ipv6 via sysctl but connman seems to overwrite it (ipv6 addresses on wifi dhcp), is there a way to reliably keep it set/ipv6 permanently disabled? My cellular network seems to run fine on ipv4.

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You may set your IP address for certain WiFi connections manually if you do not have access to the dhcpd’s settings. Otherwise you can advise the dhcpd to give ipv4 addresses to certain devices. But may I ask for the reason of disabling ipv6 for WiFi?

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By command, or by editing the appropriate config files? I think the latter should be robust enough after a reboot, and make other apps respect it.

FWIW, I know some people still recommend this esp. on Android, but if your reasons are security related, I believe this is outdated.