How to differentiate the licenses in the download area?

Hi sailors,

I hope my question isn’t too dumb. At least I tried to find something about my issue here with the search function, but with no results.
I bought Sailfish X licenses for my Xperia X, Xperia XA2 Ultra & Xperia 10.
I used all of them, but due to different reasons I decided to get the Xperia XA2 and use it the daily driver.
What I understood from the jolla licence policy so far is that I need to purchase a licence per device.

When I’ll buy another licence for the XA2, how will I be able to differentiate it in the download section from my already bought licenses?


It does not matter in the download section. The license is tied to your Jolla Account, which you will enter in the setup procedure. At you can see which devices you have in use, but also without license.


Like @sebix stated, it does not matter. There are three different licence variants, one for Xperia 10, another for Xperia XA2 and the third for Xperia X. You can download the images that your licence entitles you to (i.e. if somebody has a licence for Xperia X then he cannot download images for Xperia XA2 or 10).

When downloading, make sure you download the image of the correct device model (e.g. H4113). Check the model on the sales box or in the phone settings or on the type label.

If you have an unused (new) licence and a matching phone that has no licence activated in it, then signing in from this phone to your Jolla account activates the licence and couples it with the IMEI code of the phone. If you had signed in to the Jolla account already, then restarting the phone in needed to activate the licence.

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Thanks @sebix and @jovirkku for clarifying my issue.