How to delete an account?

There doesn’t seem to an option? No way to reply to an email with ‘unsubscribe’, surely jolla is breaking some EU regulation not allowing people to fuck off from this hugbox

I’m sure it’s almost fucking saved with this shit lolfuckingsaved

But nah, I just wanna quit your hugbox, you can pretend nothing happened retards

BOOM it just gone, cya guise

srsly no way to delete an account?

The accounts are linked to the Jolla Accounts. Therefore you can delete your account at (at the bottom of the page after logging in)

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Go to your profile page (top-right corner, preferences) scroll down the page, select Delete account.

But I’m pretty sure your account would have been suspended anyways if you kept on using that tone.

Direct link:


Thanks, but can’t suspend what is deleted