How to debug Android support?

Recently I have had problems with the Android support crashing and then getting stuck in a “failed to start” state.

How do I go debugging issues in this area? What log files can I check, or what commands can I use, to try and find out the cause?


Check this helpful wiki:


  • systemctl status aliendalvik and journalctl -u aliendalvik

Android apps

  • /system/bin/logcat
  • devel-su lxc-attach -n aliendalvik /system/bin/logcat or appsupport-attach after sfos 4.5

That one gives the logs of the base system i.e. the Android binaries running below SFOS itself. It’s unrelated to Android Support.

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Yes, but. If it is some particular Android app that crashes the Android Support while Android Support has been on for a while, then that too could log some useful information. I can’t tell from fph’s post whether his Android Support now completely refuses to start or if the Android Support fails repeatedly when using it.

I know that sometimes I have had hard time re-starting Android Support after a failure until I turn the whole system off and then on again. I guess some specific Android app may have run my system out of memory or somesuch.

edit: On a quick read I failed to understand what you meant about Android binaries vs. Android Support. Sorry.

After some time using it (hours, often with mapping/GPS apps), it randomly fails, and then it refuses to start again until I reboot the phone.

Thanks everyone for the useful info; I’ll try this the next time this failure happens!

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This looks a lot like what I have experienced. In my own user case I use kind of lot Android apps and having had too many resource-intensive ones open at the same time I have ended up with all the Android apps going dim and unresponsive on the Sailfish OS main view. Any attempt to restart Android Support from Sailfish OS Settings fail until rebooting the phone.

I’m purely guessing, but maybe either Alien Dalvik or a particular Android app runs out of memory when that happens and maybe some cache is too full even after that and prevents restarting Android Support.

I think you maybe should start active live-logging of Android from Terminal before the failure and then heavily use mapping/GPS apps to try intentionally cause the failure. The logging would catch the failure real-time and the errors should be easier to find from the output in Terminal than from going through any saved logs afterwards.