How to create a CalDAV or Nextcloud account, need help


I wanted to synchronize my calendar with Thunderbird (Windows) via Nextcloud.

So first I wanted to create a CalDAV account. Unfortunately I can not create an account. No matter what I enter it always comes to dubious error messages.

So I wanted to create a Nextcloud account. Again, no connection with dubious error messages.

Then I installed a Nextcloud Android app from F-Droid and it activated without any problems.

My question, does anyone have a working connection using a SFOS CalDAV or SFOS Nextcloud account?

I have a CalDAV-Connection/Sync to my SynologyNAS.
Just set up a new Cal-DAV-Account in Settings → Accounts → Add Account → CalDAV and CardDAV.

The CalDAV-Account must be present first on your NAS/Resource!
If not, login to your CalDAV-Resource and create one account!

I’ve seen multiple issues like that with an OpenBSD-based Nextcloud-server. It was working (with some glitches) at some point in the past (till somewhere in the 3.x versions, I think), but later, I could no longer create accounts using the Sailfish-CalDav-account-implementation. Android-apps and other CalDav-apps would connect without an issue. I reported it here as well, and someone (I’d need to dig up the name) did try to investigate and at the time, the conclusion was that the Sailfish-implementation triggered some obscure bug in the OpenBSD-webserver. Due to lack of time to debug that, I built a second Nextcloud-server on a RaspberryPi just for CalDav/CardDav - with that server, the Sailfish-CalDav (Nextcloud-account works, too) can connect. The situation seems to have improved recently, but I have not fully investigated that yet (could be improvements on either the OpenBSD or the Sailfish-side). Overall, I get the impression that the Sailfish-implementation is less fault-tolerant than some other implementations.