How to connect to car bluetooth when car is requesting pin

Hi there. How can I connect to a car’s bluetooth when car is requiring 4 digit pin number? I know people were able to connect to it but I have no idea how? I’m on 3.4

So the phone does not ask you for the PIN upon pairing?

With my car, it works better to initiate the connection from the phone.

Yes that’s correct. Phone never asks for the PIN.

Here are the pics, I can’t upload here because of low karma:

On the car I get connection closed or smth after I click on radiosat within sailfish… This is really annoying. I have renault grand sceninc III

Well journalctl won’t show older logs then 1 hour or such? :confused: Now I will wait agin for the car to try it and get logs :confused:

Found that thread from tyc:

For me helped using bluetoothctl tool. So:

# get root

# install software
pkcon install bluez5-tools

# enter the tool

# find the device:
scan on
# a list with all the visible devices will start to scroll

# look at a device (to check if that really the one you're looking for) :
info 00:0D:44:D0:AE:B4

# par it
pair 00:0D:44:D0:AE:B4

# After entering pair macaddress agent asks for PIN code and after entering there is Pairing successful message

# optionnally mark it trusted (i.e.: allow automatic connections) :
trust 00:0D:44:D0:AE:B4

# test: try connecting to
connect 00:0D:44:D0:AE:B4