How to connect my Xperia 10 iii with putty?

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hi @mbrazi_1 this is the thread to continue your question.

Hi @mbrazi_1

In this article it says:

  1. Note that there different usernames on the phone depending on the Sailfish OS version. On 3.4.0 or later, there are two possible usernames, nemo and defaultuser. Only the correct one works. You can check it from the prompt of the Terminal app on the phone or with the command below (before getting root rights).

@mbrazi_1 From putty, login with username ‘defaultuser’ (or ‘nemo’ if it’s an old system) and when asked for password, type the password you set’ up in the phones developer options.

Once you are logged in as ‘defaultuser’ (or ‘nemo’ if it’s an old system), type ‘devel-su’
When asked for password, type the password again as above.
Then you’re logged in as ‘admin’.

If ready, leave with ‘exit’.
Then you can close the terminal.

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