How to connect a Open XChange Drive

The header says it all.
i did switch from an nextcloud provider to
and seems they use Open XChange protocol for file sync.
there are clients for ios and android (ofcourse) but no idea how to do that on sfos
any hints ?
Thanks !

oh, i am on volla phone. so while i have several sailfish licenses, this device does not use one :frowning:

i am answering myself :smiley:

i’ve found davfs2 in chum
did install it

created a folder:
devel-su mkdir /mnt/drive

mounted via ssh:
mount -t davfs /mnt/drive

open: does it reconnect after restart ? no
opne: how much caching is used, will it fill my internal memory ? should i move that to sdcard ? what ? the mount point or the cache ?
i guess the cache only

a productive setup description would be appreciated


Like this?

Point taken though I shall update the Chum metadata with a link to that thread.

You can also look at rclone, which has several mentions in that thread, and has extensive documentation at Documentation. RClone is not in chum, but you can download a working binary from their website.


like that, only that i did not need it two years ago and thus ignored.
no idea why search did not find that one.