How to compile for aarch64 using make on different host architecture?

I am trying to compile Protonmail Bridge from github ( for Xperia 10II. It should work just using make, but I cannot compile it directly on the device as it requires Go, which I understand not to be in SFOS repos. I installed gcc compiler for aarch64 on my computer, but I don’t know how to instruct make command to use it instead of compiling it for my Linux host architecture. I tried to edit the target OS in the provided makefile,but that changed little. I am sure that it is something very basic, but I have little experience with the process so I would be grateful for any directions.

Try “./configure --build aarch64”, then make…

If you use the sailfish sdk or platform sdk you can use sfdk or mb2 respectively.
The first is wrapper around the sdk to invoke mb2 and friends
Those two use scratchbox2 targets in which you can build packages.
if you have the targets you can directly build packages like you would do on your computer, it takes care of invoking the cross compiler for you.

See here for more: