How to change name of android apps

I know how to change name of SF apps on app screen, but where do I change name of andoid apps? Didn’t find anything on forum and don’t want to screw with files if I don’t what I’m doing.

Android app desktop files are at /home/defaultuser/.local/share/applications
Edit the ‘Name’ string.


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Name changes don’t seem to be persistent. Name reverts back very soon

yea…you could do something like

chattr +i /home/defaultuser/.local/share/applications/apkd_launcher_some_android_pkg_App.desktop

then that file will be un-editable and un-removeable, by you or by aliendalvik, until you do chattr -i on it.

what i actually do is create an empty placeholder launcher named the way aliendalvik names things, and then chattr +i that, and then make my own launchers separately. not sure if that works better or not, but its much less aggravating to manage for me.

You are right! It isn’t persistent. I thought it would work like any other linux system and persist at least until the next upgrade. Apparently, I was wrong.
My knowledge of the android side is extremely limited, so someone else might want to help you with this.

my suggestion does make it, persistent forever. its a bit heavy-handed though, and it requires root.
i have no idea why aliendalvik needs to regenerate the launchers from the apk constantly. at least it should support a manual=true xdg extension or something to skip overwrite