How to auto forward sms


I’m trying to forward SMS messages I receive on my Jolla phone to some other service like SMS on another phone, or whatsapp or signal,… The Jolla one is often left at home due to its weak battery.

Does anyone know of some tool or app I could use for this ? A search in the forum or app store didn’t reveal much so far.

I’m willing to use developer skills like ssh remotely into the phone or use some kind of advanced scripting. Unfortunately I currently don’t know much of what’s possible on SailfishOS in that regard. So all hints or ideas are welcome.


I don’t think there is an app that does exactly what you want, apart from KDE Connect (Sailfish Connect) which can do something like that but only on the same network. I does work fairly well though,

There’s this which can get you started on dealing with SMS from scripts:

HTH and good luck!

Thanks @nephros , that’s a worthwile starting point.

I didn’t realize SailfishOS was scriptable with bash. That’s very useful.

As I’m new to SailfishOS (I do have plenty of programming experience in general on linux), I still have a few questions that may be obvious to others:

  • The other post talks about connecting via ssh. What is the user to connect with and how do I set a password or (even better) a trusted ssh key ?
  • Is there an event system to tap into ? I am specifically looking for some kind of trigger I can use to run a script as soon as an sms is received.
  • Can an sms be sent from the command line in SailfishOS ?

Perhaps I should put these as separate forum questions…


SMS from comman line:

you can find answers for many questions on

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Oh and for triggering (receiving a SMS) you need to dive into dbus (search term only provided ;))
espec. dbus-monitor

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Yet another pointer into a direction, but not actually a solution, incoming: Sailfish OS’s messaging stack is based around Telepathy, which works with Connection Managers, pluggable parts which create an abstraction around a messaging protocol, that communicate with Clients, which receive, display and send messages on behalf of the user without knowing the implementation details of the underlying protocol. Communications between these parts happen over D-Bus, although you can also use a library like telepathy-qt for that.

With that in mind, you could create a Telepathy client which receive messages from the telepathy-ring (the SMS connection manager) and send it to another connection manager, like telepathy-gabble (XMPP), telepathy-morse (Telegram) and so on. Or you could break the Telepathy convention and make your client include a protocol implementation to forward your SMS messages to.

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