How to adjust touchscreen tones

I don’t like vibration when i push keyboard buttons. So I activated touch sceen tones instead. But tone is very low, almost unhearable. Is there way to get tone louder?

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Quite right!, I don’t use touch screen tones, I find it irritating, but you are correct, the tone is very quiet indeed and as far as I can see, there is no adjustment for its volume. I’m pretty sure this should be louder, as it is, it is so quiet, there’s no point in it being there.

If I were you. I’d repost as a bug report.

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The files are in /usr/share/sounds/jolla-ambient/stereo maybe one can edit the amplitude in audacity or another app

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Thank you @smatkovi pointing me rout. So I increased volume of keyboard_letter.wav in /usr/share/sounds/jolla-ambient/stereo folder easy way here: and now I have louder touchsreen tones.


and yet, if you play the tones through File Browser, they are already plenty loud enough. So, although it appears to have fixed the problem, I think it is an actual bug causing it.


I’m glad. Then this is a workaround

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