How storage space works on sailfish

hello, can someone explain me how storage space works on sailfish?

i have an xa2 that has 32 gb of storage

  • generally 1 or 2 gb are for storage files, so lets say i have 30 gb free
  • sailfish system data says 1.7 gb are used and 650 mb are free, so lets say i have 28.3 gb remaining
  • don’t have any gallery item at the moment since the phone was flashed just last week, i have the android support installed but no android apps and (as reported by the storage info screen) only 88 mb of sailfish apps, so let’s say i have 28.2 gb free
  • don’t know if maps count in “other files” but if so i should have 26 gb left of free space

still i have 15 gb of free space, from the graphic

how so?can someone give me any explanation on this?

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There are lots of useless partitions you cannot see, including a 7 GB one for the recovery image.


i guess that would explain, but 7 gb for a recovery image for a system that is 1.7 gb?

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It’s been devised for Android.


However, on certain devices, you can retrieve back some gigas to your root partition.
I did it. So far, no problems.
see here:


This looks like a great solution. If Oskar is out there it would be good to learn more about reflashing android without using Emma. I suppose it’s just flashing stock with twrp but it would be useful to have details.