How safe is it to use recovery of for


before upgrading to 4.6, I want to make a full image backup of my current system running But I only have a recovery image of Is it safe to use the recovery image for my system?

100% safe. It works OK even with 4.6.

Thanks! So it also boots when I reflash the normal boot image after recovery?

I haven’t tested older hybris-boot.img because I didn’t need to (the latest one works fine). I had to use the older recovery with 4.6 because the 4.6 one didn’t work for me.

… to Yes, definitely, because SailfishOS and are exactly the same, only the licence was altered.

P.S.: In general one can handle SailfishOS releases a.b.c.x as “the same” with regard to the recovery image, when a.b.c is the same. Corner cases are extremely unlikely but may theoretically exist.


Thank you both for your help!