How much is SailfishOS based on AOSP?

I will like to ask to those more pros in the field, to tell me how much is the SAilfishOS based in AOSP , and if SailfishOS could be in a phone without AOSP?


nothing at all. sailfishos is based on linux.


Sailfish is not based on Android at all, the Android App compatibility is a separate independent layer which the OS does not require to operate.


Yes . That I know. But then why it makes a different if the device is in Android 8 or 9 or 10? Is just for the android apṕ?

Sailfish uses some android middle ware to talk to hardware, on most phones, but sailfish itself is not based on AOSP, as we also have sailfish on the Pinephone, Xiaomi Latte and one or 2 other “pure” ports which dont use any android libraries/services.