How much Android is Sailfish OS?

Trying to understand things, so I have three yes|no questions that maybe not makes sense. Please correct me if I seem to be lost. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Is the purpose of libhybris to make glibc linked applications possible to run on kernels using Bionic?

  2. Is it correct to say that Sailfish OS is the userland while Android is the kernel-land, or is that completly wrong/oversimplified?

  3. Is Sailfish X running an Android kernel?


The Android kernel is a Linux kernel so…

  1. Yes, and more.
  2. What is Android’s “kernel-land”? The kernel is always Linux.
  3. You may call it so, but it is still Linux. A better term is “Android vendor kernel” (i.e., from Sony for the Xperias), for that term to transport any useful meaning.
    But the point is here: A “compiled Linux (kernel), distributed by an Android vendor”.
  1. [Solved] Ok!
  2. Yeah, saying “Android kernel” might be little strange, but I am referring to the Linux downstream with Android patches that aren’t merged to mainline. Named ACK (Android Common Kernels), according to the Android docs.
  3. [Solved] Ok!

ACK + a vendor’s own device drivers and patches = “Android vendor kernel”

But Google is on its way to let become ACK = Linux.

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Great thanks!

  1. [Solved]

Google on its way to become ACK=linux? What do you mean?
Are there plans to release more open vendor drivers? That would help porting e.g. PostmarketOS (and thus, SailfishOS) a lot!

AFAIK they’re trying to make Android run on pure Linux kernel because it’s a pain in the ass for them to maintain their fork.