How is "Store debug symbols to home partition" achieved

I recently almost fully filled my root partition by installing xulrunner-qt5-debug* packages.
I notices there’s an option in Settings - Developer Tools that says “Store debug symbols to home partition”. It was on, but when I unchecked it it said “removing home symbols” or something like that and now I cannot check it back again. Journalctl says

Sailfish estart[3976]: [W] unknown:0 - Removing package but package didn’t resolve into anything. Shouldn’t happen.

Now I noticed that indeed the /usr/src/debug folder was the one taking up space.

Does any of you know where /usr/src/debug is this linked to, in /home, when the setting works?

Or better, how to enable the setting from command-line (install a package?)

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Oh, I might have just found it…

pkcon install jolla-developer-mode-home-debug-location

and the answer is

debug -> /home/.system/usr/src/debug

(Leaving this here maybe it helps someone)