How do you pronounce "Jolla" correctly?

Very basic first question from a new SailfishOS user (who loves it!)… to an English person, how is “Jolla” correctly pronounced?

As written, as in “Jolly good”? Or with a “Y” sound or “H” sound as in some other languages? Sorry for my ignorance in Finnish!

Yo-la. Or something like that.

A bit tricky one to explain…
Try to say in English: “YOLL-LA”.
The letter “o” should be pronounced short just as in the word “short” but that with a short “o”.
And “LA” as in “LAH”, but you don’t say the “h”.
Does it make any sense…? :smiley:
This gets you quite close to the correct pronunciation…

Thank you - got it! :grinning: I might never say “Jolla” to anyone else but I wanted to say it correctly in my head from the outset!

As in, rhymes with “Holla!” (Slang for holler)?
Or rhymes with Spanish “hola” (hello)?

This is a scandal :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


They say it here at the start (and in a few other videos): Experience Sailfish OS on Jolla - YouTube

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The former.
Italians like me are lucky since it reads exactly the same as you would read it in Italian.

Jolla is Finnish for a small boat. Jolly or dinghy. I think the pronouncing of the J in a Finnish way should be like ‘Yankee’ in English.

how is “Jolla” correctly pronounced?

I guess, this cannot not be too far off: :grinning:

Ha ha so if it’s the company it is “Yolla” but if it’s a URL it is “Jolla” :joy: