How do you fsck when /home/.android is corrupted?

After problems with aliendalvik I wanted to remove /home/.android in order to start fresh, but I get several warning messages about subdirs

     rm: can't stat SUBDIR : Structure needs cleaning

so I assume the file system is corrupted. How do I proceed from here? I am not a developer and I do not know how lxc, luks etc. interact. And is there a single user mode for sailfish os? Any help is really appreciated!

I have longer time a problem that my music store is not permanent. I have normally 1500 songs on my phone. But after copy them to my phone after a while the songs will decreased to them same 1050 songs which Iā€™d copied a while ago.
So I checked dmesg and found problems with the ext4 filesystem module found for /home fs. An fsck -n -f /dev/mapper/sailfish-home shows me 100th of orphand inodes and more problems, so I want to make to repair the home filesystem.
By the way the nemo user blocks the filesystem so it is not possible to unmount it to repair it with fsck.
How can I repair the home filesystem on my phone?

And I made also a check with -n on root-fs, which found also some lines, but they could be found at time fs is mounted and in use. So I want to check the fs also at early startup. Is it possible to check and fix it and how can I do it?

using the recovery can help in this case. I wrote down my notes some year(s) ago - not sure if it is the same now but it helped me recover back then. I guess that fsck should be also possible.

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