How Do You Delete Calendars and Address Books?

Up until recently I used the Sailfish X Exchange functionality for email, contacts and calendars. Because of the ongoing sync issues with Exchange email, I have now moved this across to IMAP email. Similarly I am now in the process of moving the calendars and contacts to another services and accessing them via caldav and carddav. This is all looking good.

I have deleted the Exchange account in settings/accounts and the Exchange email on that account has all now disappeared.

But … all the Exchange calendars and contacts are all still there and shown in the calendar and people apps. They weren’t deleted when I removed the account. I can unselect the exchange calendars so that the Exchange events are not visible, but I can’t do the same for the contacts (which now all appear to be duplicated because of coming in through the old, now deleted Exchange account, and the new carddav account.

So, how do I delete ‘old’ calendars and address books from my phone? There appears to be no function to do this.

Furthermore, the ‘old’ and supposed-to-be-deleted Exchange calendar can still accept new entries (e.g. by calendar invite) even though (a) it is not displayed in the app any more because it is unchecked, and (b) I presume it no longer sync’s with anything. This can’t be right.

Not very easy.
Contacts are stored in an sqlite3 database in ‘/home/defaultuser/.local/share/system/privileged/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/contacts.db’
You must have privileged access to alter it (‘devel-su -p’).
If your contacts are saved and you can resynchronize them, the easiest way is to delete contacts.db and resynchronize your contacts.

For Calendar, the sqlite3 dabase is in ‘/home/defaultuser/.local/share/system/privileged/Calendar/mkcal/db’.
Idem if you are sure you can resynchronize your calendar, the easiest way is to delete file ‘db’ and resynchronize.

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Thank you, that worked perfectly. I deleted the db files and got it to re-synchronise as you suggested.

As a long time ago ex-Unix dev I was happy to try this, but its a bit of an ask for a normal phone user to have to do this I think. Either the calendars and contacts should disappear completely when the relevant account is deleted (so the fact that they don’t is a bug I feel), or it is this way by design and the remaining calendars and contacts become ‘local’ if the target synchronising account is deleted (in which case a UI function to delete them should be provided).

I agree with you and I made a bug report about this some times ago [] [XA2 Plus] Calendar reminders are triggered for a deleted account

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