How do I turn on positioning when my app starts?

I’ve made a speedometer application for general use. Sometimes I forget to turn on positioning and wonder for a moment why my app is not ready to run.

As per my question title; how do I programatically turn on positioning from within my app if not already started?

Also, I found a dead link in SFOS documentation on Positioning API;

Here is the obligatory “apps should not be allowed to do that without user interaction” comment.

Also the link is dead.

I won’t be posting my app in the store anyway, as it already contains API’s that are not allowed.

Regardless of store or jailing, i’d hope/expect that to be privileged anyway.

So, you don’t know how to do it then?

GpsInfo app can do it. Not sure if available but …

it is :

GpsInfo just active or deactivate its gps information reception, it is not able to switch phone setting.

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honestly do not understand the difference, when i click on activate in gps-info, it is the same as in settings.
but maybe i misunderstood the original question

From tjc: Mean of the GPS toggle? [closed] -

Thanks to 99% of you for your responses.