How do I show album art?

I’ve made a small mediaplayer application. I’m currently using meta data to retrieve track title and track artist.

I’d like to add album art to my player. Most of my music does show its album art with Jolla mediaplayer, so I know the artwork is present.

I’ve been playing with this for sometime, as yet, I’ve not managed to display any art at all.

Anyone know how to do this?

Just my 2 cents: with id3 tags the album art can either be embedded as id3tag or is in a separate imagefile in the folder.
tracker3 is probably abstracting that into a uniform information which in turn is used in qt.


And apparently to query Tracker, you need to do it via sparql.

I haven’t looked deeper, but there’s this:

GitHub - sailfishos/libqtsparql

Which has these QML files as part of its tests:

Doesn’t show anything about the media database, but it does show how to query and get results back in QML.

One could also look at $QMLDIR/com/jolla/mediaplayer/AudioTrackerHelpers.js for inspiration but that file is proprietary.

Scratch that. I guess the current-day approach is to use grilo: