How do I implement a patch

So…First post here and I hope you guys will be nice to me and not give me a headache about using an old phone, I’ve got enough of that from my Google-using housemates who keep atempting to convert me to their OS because it’s simpler, and the apple-using friends who ask me why do I insist on keeping an old phone, that this is the 21st century and that I should trade my privacy for cloud storage and yada yada.

That being said, I’m one of the last owners of a Jolla 1 who still uses it as the main phone (my secondary one being a Nokia 5530 which at this point is used mainly to listen to music), which I inherited after years of refusing to get an android device, and not seeing any real alternatives on the market, which is also why I haven’t upgraded my phone to anything recent, that and the fact that apart from voice calls, only thing I use my phone for is Discord messages and there’s still compatibility for older clients at this point, so upgrading for the sake of upgrading is really not on the cards.

Like everyone who made the update to Pallas Yllastunturi, I got the bug described here: Calendar bug - recurring event "every year" gets treated as "last Sunday every month"

After a year using my old Nokia to warn me of incoming birthdays, I decided to see if there was something on the forums about fixing it. Thankfully, @dcaliste (hope you read this!) put up a fix at the topic above, but to be honest, I’m not that technically gifted at all when it comes to electronics and software, so I was wondering if anyone could teach me how to implement that patch into my phone. Fixing that would solve the only issue I complain about Jolla at this point, apart from my aged battery that won’t last a full day and extremely low ringing volume, but that’s a whole different ball game.

Any help would be dearly thanked,
Hoping you all are having a great summer,


A patch means he changed a textfile to make it work. The textfile that needs to be repaired is found at the filepath: /usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/private/. If you find that folder in a file browser, you will need to open a file with the name ‘ComboBoxController.qml’ using a text editor.
Look carefully at the text patch under dcaliste’s answer. Every line preceeded with a ‘-’ in front of it will have to be removed from your file, every line with a ‘+’ in front of it needs to be added instead. However, you are basically editing programming code there so you need to be very strict with the formatting and structure, the syntax of the file. It is not easy to be a programmer, but good luck! :slight_smile:

One more tip: Make a copy of the file before changing anything. It is good to have a backup in case it goes wrong. Also, you might have to reboot your phone or calendar app for the changes to take effect.

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Thank you so much! I’ve just made a backup of the file and will send it to my computer.Then I’ll edit a copy of that, only thing that I’m not that certain is if messing up will break the whole phone and not just the Calendar, since I have no idea how to reach that file on Putty. Thank you so much and I hope you’re safe!

Also barely surviving with my Jolla1, so last night, despite my disdain for Sony, I purchased an Xperia 10ii from - my 2 x Jolla1 devices have and will become HomeAutomation devices.

With regard to editing system files, I highly/strongly recommend you do this with your device attached to your PC and connected via puTTY(ssh) or something similar, you can also use winSCP, but puTTY is actually quite a doddle to use, this way if you make a cock-up, you can easily access your file, reverse your edit and sigh with relief.

Using ssh means knowing or getting to grips with either Vim or nano (these are editors), personally, although it is a little broken, I use Nano as my default editor, nano is not installed by default and so a quick ‘devel-su pkcon install nano’ should do the trick, or may be you already know Vim.

If you require help with puTTY, there is plenty of tutorials to find, or leave your questions here and I’ll try to help out…yes, I am using puTTY and do every time I edit my device, this means leaving SSH accessible in Settings.

Greetings also from southern Europe on the Costa Blanca!

Costa Blanca? That’s not that far off from Portugal!

Well, I’m kinda apprehensive about getting a new Jolla because of two things: one is the screen (I’m a clutz who grew up with Nokia for a reason: only phones who actually died in my hands were a Samsung and a Simmens), newer phones have screens that hurt my eyes and break easily. My six year old Jolla was owned by my whole family before me and doesn’t has a scratch…same can’t be said for it’s “leather” wallet case.

I was thinking of using Putty, but have no idea how to open files, or manipulate then in any way, and since I’m a complete no google user, that means no tutorials since everyone thinks that only place for tutorials is youtube. Regardless l’m only editing this one file, so doing it on the computer and then copy-past it internally on the phone shouldn’t be an issue I think. Thanks for the offer though!

Hoping the heat isn’t being unberable there!