How do I change ringtone volume while playing media

Is there a way to change the ringtone volume e.g. During playing music? Pressing the volume buttons only changes media volume.

If you activate ring tone volume in settings » top menue, you can swipe down from the top and get a slider for that


Excuse me if i say something wrong. But myself find the volume control in SFOS a bit difficult. If i got it right, what is open or in the focus will be increased or decreased. If you go to thehomescreen, then the volume buttons will increase/decrease the ringtone level. If i want to increase or decrease the Whatsapp Volume, i type in a text in WA, to be sure its in the focus, because otherwise it can change the focus between homescreen and the application. At least i got it that way. Maybe this could be somehow improved :slight_smile:

You could raise that as a topic in a community meeting :slight_smile: