How do I build an RPM from source

I want to build a keyboard for SailfishOS. I used a different Jolla keyboard as a base template and have uploaded my source to here. I’d love to know how to actually build an RPM package from this as I can’t find anything solid other than stuff on Fedora’s site for RPMs… But I’m still a little confused on actually going and building this specific package. There is no SPEC file and I’m unsure if I should just set it up like a normal RPMBUILD.

Probably the easiest way is to install the Sailfish SDK and open the *.pro file:

I don’t have the SDK in front of me right now, but as far as I recall, there should be an option to “deploy as RPM” (or something named similarly) in the “build” menu.


What about this one then?

3 Likes gives some basics, but maybe you already discovered the page

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