How can I possibly install my S/MIME certificates into android?

I’m running SailfishOS 4 (Koli) on an Xperia XA2.

I like sending e-mails only with an S/MIME digital signature and that way also being able to encrypt the message if needed. I stopped using the sailfish email client some time ago because it is unable to handle digital signatures/encryption using S/MIME certificates.

I tried the android apps “Nine mail&calendar”, “FailEmail” and “R2Mail2”. I’d really love to switch to FairEmail, because it seems like a nice app for that purpose but (unlike R2Mail2) it requires S/MIME certificates to be installed in androids credential storage. This apparently fails on aliendalvik because android requires a “secure lock screen”. The error message is “Attention Before you can use credential storage, your device needs to have a secure lock screen” offering me to do so at “Choose screen lock”.
Now, last time I tried to set a screen PIN to convince android there is a secure lock screen, I locked my self out of android support on my phone (that was on Oulanka I believe) since it wasn’t possible in aliendalvik to enter the screen pin ever again :crazy_face:

Here comes my question: Does anyone know a trick to make android allow me to import my certificates into the credential storage? I use the android settings “Security & location”->“Encryption & credentials”->“Install from SD card” ? But it keeps prompting me to set a screen lock first.

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