How can I locate and edit the contacts db?

I have a corrupted contact that always shows up when a certain person txt’s or calls me, I cannot reply or call back because this corrupted entry is 2 phone numbers one after the other. I’ve deleted the entries in commhistory.db that are connected to this wrong entry, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. Maybe I should do the same in the contacts db, but can anyone point me to the exact location of it? Thx in advance!

This seems to be an empty database (320kb). I have 800 contacts … . I don’t seem to be able to display any of them … .

But your need privileged access with devel-su -p

I think it should be:




This got me where I needed to be … but I still wasn’t able to track down my 'corrupted ’ contact. Would it be an idea to delete my caldav-account, then delete this database and then recreate the account and load the contacts again from my radicale server? I would lose the contacts stored in the phone’s memory, I guess … . Will the system recreate a new database from scratch? Thanks for your replies already!

Before you delete anything I’d suggest to rename, just in case you need to restore it.

I’m not sure about contacts db, for agenda db there’s some kind of shadow copy of the database, can’t remember it’s name, which is written by the application. The ‘normal’ DB is only written back on closing of the app or some other trigger. So I’d suggest to call ls -la and also make sure that no other application / service is writing to that file.

Those databases are not meant to be accessed directly by the user, you should use the service’s API instead. However I’m not aware of any command line interface to those APIs