How can I increase max volume

I have searched around and have only come up with a patch that hasn’t been updated since 2015 called max volume or something like that.

My speaker volume is too low and my call volume is too low to hear when I am driving.

What are you guys using as a workaround?

Thanks in advance!

As a hotfix i sometimes use the pactl set-sink-volume terminal command.

What device are you using?

For Bluetooth audio volume there’s btvol by fridlmue, available in chum

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Here are more to this topic…

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First, list the sinks:

pactl list sinks

pactl set-volume-sink 5 150% (0 is usually the primary out sink)

Oops, apologies…Xperia 10iii

I am guessing I did something wrong, but that command ( using sink 0 ) gets and error “no valid command specified”.

I double checked that I typed it like you listed it.

Can you post the full output of

pactl list sinks short

Typo. It should be:
pactl set-sink-volume 0 150%


I actually wrote that from memory, thus it was not necessarily correct.
For stuff like that you can always do a pactl --help or a man pactl to get an overview over the available options.
Almost everything supports --help and or manpages.

No worries.

I went to the Jingpad forums today to search how to do ssh as I couldn’t remember…turns out it was ME that wrote the guide I had to go find and read! :rofl:


Very similar I notice myself.