How can I hide the browser address bar without scrolling?

The only way I know to hide the stock browser address bar is to scroll down.
However, if the website doesn’t have a scroll bar, I don’t know how to hide the address bar.
That can be an issue if there’s a fixed element at the bottom since I won’t see it.
So, is there any other way to hide the address bar?


I don’t thing there is a way currently, no.

As an awkward workaround, you can every so slightly zoom into the page and scroll up a little. It will reappear when zooming out to 100% again though.

Maybe this is worth filing an issue at github, is should be doable e.g. by using a timer in the qml.

Just bear in mind that if you can hide it without scrolling, how will you get it back without scrolling? Minimizing and maximizing is not a serious option.

I guess it would suffice to have the same behaviour as a scrollable page:

swipe up → hide UI
swipe down/to top while hidden → UI comes back

(… I wonder if I could use mozilla userCSS to add (page height = screenheight + 1pixel) to any page where (pageheight <= screenheight ) and thus make all pages scrollable… )

That’s certainly an issue faced by other mobile OSes. What do they do in Android/iOS?

Last i used other OSes they didn’t hide the address bar (but hopefully they caught up).

I just checked on Google Chrome in an Android emulator: indeed the address bar is not hidden, but it doesn’t hide a part of the web page, i.e. it is above the web view.

I don’t believe it does that here any more either (since the update before last or so).
But if you can demonstrate that it does; maybe that is the better bug to report.

Ok, I opened a bug here with all the necessary info.

My address bar is hidden initially, then appears once the mouse is hovered over it