How can I block autostart of android apps?

I have installed a few Android apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Outlook. Actually I use only WhatsApp all the time.
The other apps are not active and I also turned off the background activity under Apps in settings. But sometimes I have a higher battery consumption. Then I look in the process list (usually via Crest) and I can see that all apps are running.
Even though I haven’t used them since the last time I stopped them hard?

My question now - how can I block android app that they are not make an autostart? The restart of Alvindalvik with the app “aliendalvik-control” not help. The apps start allone.

Thanks for all tips…

I’m not sure you can stop individual Android apps from running if they are ignoring the ‘do not run in background’ setting, but maybe those with more technical knowledge maybe able to help.

Try to disable background connections in the app’s Android settings, might work.

Thanks but it is disabled. I found the same question in the old forum:
But no solution only a full stop of aliendalvik …

I use software like e.g. “APK Editor Studio” to modify the manifest file of the apk and I remove from it the permission to autostart, as well as all unneeded services (most of which are spyware sending usage statistics and bug reports to e.g. crashlytics) and so called “receivers” which get triggered by lots of various events (e.g. “Connectivity changed” or “Charging started”) and can autostart the app or its services. Then the software can nicely recompile and sign the APK and it is ready for installation. Only then I can be sure that no Android cr*p runs unattended, grabs my data and sends it God knows where, and eats my battery. I’ve been doing so ever since I started using BlackBerry Z10 and then Passport, both with Android app support like SFOS.


Thank you very much I’ll try it.

:rofl: :joy: :grin: “Don’t be evil” they said.

Thank you @wetab73 for this control tip.

You’re welcome. It takes some practice, and sometimes it takes a few approaches to an apk, because in some cases removing some services or receivers can prevent the app from starting at all. But it’s worth the effort, because you end up with an app that’s stripped of all or nearly all undresired background activity, especially all those “crashlytics” or “campaign-tracking” services permanently uploading data wherever they want and eating battery. Same way you can also remove ads.

The most important thing to remove is

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED"/>

as this is the permission that allows launching app’s services when the Android App Support starts.

Another permission you can try to remove is permission to run services.

Then look for receivers like e.g.

<receiver android:name=".receiver.Starter">
            <action android:name="android.intent.action.BOOT_COMPLETED"/>

as these are the actual “event watchers” autostarting some of the app’s functions in the background.

Lastly, check for services referring to undesired functions like crashlytics or uploading of app usage statistics and remove them, too.

Maybe initially it looks complicated, but after one or two apks it becomes a routine job.