How can a noob use Uber on Sailfish OS?

Hello, everybody. Could someone tell me how to use Uber from the Sailfish OS? I have the app installed, but it can’t locate me (even with the microG); using an android browser the location doesn’t work either, and the same for the default system browser. How do you do it? Thanks in advance through the browser works well for me.

Location doesn’t work indeed, but when entering manually the addresses on, I see the drivers and I have a Request XXX button. I never had the chance to try however, I’m always with some Android users :see_no_evil:

thanks but I’m in Brazil… Lyft dosn’t work here yet…

yes, entering manually the addresses work, but isn’t the easy way…

Nothing is easy with Sailfish (“for now” :slightly_smiling_face:). It will work when this is fixed:

But you’re right about the fact that the Android app should trigger the GPS, as it does for other Android apps :thinking: