How about Sailfish on DOOGEE rugged phones?

If you haven’t heard of the brand, check it out here These phones are insane:

  • Almost indestructible (A guy on Youtube froze one in a container of water overnight, then smashed the block of ice to free the phone… It was still perfectly fine!)

  • They have massive batteries, the flagship boasts a 10 000 Mah battery

  • They use MediaTek SOCs and have unlocked bootloader

  • Best of all, they aren’t expensive (Range from about $100 - $400)

Anyway, one can dream…

Edit: Just to add, I have seen these phones and a colleague of mine owns one for over a year now, no issues.


SFOS currently doesn’t seem to accommodate malformed screens like the ones on the S90 and S95. The S40’s and S60’s screen seems to be correct. Still, not sure if the edge swipe gestures of SFOS are ideal for screens with protective edge like these devices.

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Yes, the phones seem nice on the first view, also Blackview’s. BUT
Did you ever recieve even one update or even only a security update? No, they rather release a new version of the same phone.
To sum up the posts of dodgee’s forums:
-full of bugs
-fake cameras
-never updates
-full of trackers
Alternatively you could use a Love Mei™ case for any phone:

Yeah, I agree. I would not want one running Android…
If the hardware is ok and the system is open, maybe porting Sailfish shouldn’t be too difficult? But if the hardware has issues, is it worth it? Maybe not.