Hotspot in flight mode

TLDR: I realised that I can’t activate the hotspot if I am in flight mode. As particular as it might seem, I might need to use the phone as a hotspot without connecting to the internet.

The long story: I have a group of guests coming. I kinda found a way to conference call them while going around, without the need to connect to the internet, but I will have to connect the guest devices among them. I don’t want them to use my data in the meanwhile, tho’. I thought I could turn the flight mode on, but I realised that the hotspot stops working, then.
I don’t think the two things need to be connected, and I this is one case where the dis-connection would be useful.


Hm, this is a very corner-use-case.

But flight mode by definition can’t allow mobile data to be on.

Maybe you can set the mobile data settings to something invalid, so mobile data won’t work even if enabled, and then activate hotspot? (Ignoring flight mode completely.)

I guess what you really want is WiFi Ad-Hoc networking, but support for that isn’t officially in SFOS, and also depends on the Wifi driver/chipset.
If you’re good in linux command line networking you might be able to set it up though.

WiFi Ad-Hoc mode has some inherent drawbacks - it’s broadcast based, and unencrypted, and I’m unsure about support in Android and iOS.

Why flight mode, and not just turning off mobile data?

I just tested now, the UI doesn’t allow.

For me it worked.

Though data must be enabled for a hotspot to be enabled.

Once, hotspot is enabled, data can be disabled.

@attah! Always dry as a Martini, and straight to the point!
Thank you: this works perfectly for what I need. (D’oh…)

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@pherjung @minnist After your comments, I checked on my phone and, in fact, there seems to be a workaround: turn data (and wlan) off, turn the hotspot on, tap outside the “Select Internet connection” area that pops up (anywhere to the bottom of the screen), and ta dah! Hotspot is on.

@nephros I agree that it’s quite a stretched scenario. For what I will need, @attah’s suggestion works perfectly.
As for the Ad Hoc networks, I am afraid you are right: I just recently read that phones do not connect to them because of the security concerns you were hinting to.

I dare to say that the request still might have some reason for 1) I can think of a couple of scenarios where flight mode would mandatory 2) I know that on Android the two function work independently (no clue about iOS).

Thank you everybody.

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