Hoping to try adapting for the Xperia 5ii

Hello, I’m a complete newbie at this kind of thing but I was wondering how doable it would be for someone of my limited experience to adapt Sailfish on my own. I’ve already given the documentation a peruse and it’s definitely a lot but seems like something I’m up to trying?

I’m also wondering about what issues to expect and if there are any good resources to help me figure out how to work through them. How useable can I expect it to be and would the fact that its sibling is already supported under Sailfish X be helpful to the attempt?

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AFAIK that has already been done for the 5, with the 5II being a WIP:

Thanks for the reply.

From what I can tell, most of the work has been for the 1 ii. The most I could find for the 5 ii was an old post on the forum about how official support for the 5 ii is unlikely?

I know the 1 ii and 5 ii are very similar hardware wise but I’m not sure how compatible they are.

Best ask on #sailfishos-porters on IRC.

It’s where the people hang out who actually know stuff about stuff, unlike me.