Here (4.9.100) shows wrong GPS-coordinates; Pure maps works

Hi, I’ve installed Here with Aurora, which worked well in the last month. Since some days (the last update?), the app shows the current position in “Potsdam”, which is 500 km wrong.
Even restarts of the phone didn’t help.
Nevertheless, “Pure maps” shows each time the correct position.
I don’t understand this sudden misbehaving in Here.
On Xperia 10 III,

Funny, for me pure maps shows the wrong position and osm scout the correct one

I also had this issue, but with an older version, where the coordinates were wrong in HERE and correct in Pure Maps. I don’t know what causes this issue, but for me, most of the time it fixes itself after some time.

The latest version of Here works OK for me. I know this isn’t the problem you have but I run GPSInfo which speeds up the lock on time for Here and other apps that use GPS positioning.

It might be worth running GPSInfo to see if it helps with your problem. I had another Android app that always defaulted to a location a long way from where the device was located until the correct GPS location was obtained. Perhaps your problem is similar.

GPSInfo shows the same numbers as Pure Maps. So I’ll wait for the next “Here”-Update.

Hi, today I removed the version 4.9.100, installed 4.8.200 as apk from

The GPS worked at once.

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I just realized this feature in Here:
If I search for the next “gas station”, one can see the current prices per liter for each station (even for the different petrol and diesel prices).
Nice feature in my opinion.

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