Help reverse engineering the AT.Wallet APK for use in SailfishOS

I’d like help reverse engineering an Android app into an unofficial SailfishOS app. We need this and other crypto apps available to the SailfishOS community.

If it is indeed closed and needs reverse-engineering, run away. However, if it has open source software that runs on regular desktop Linux distros, just start there instead…

It does not, unfortunately… If possible I’d like to spoof location (as it is required for the base Android app).

I’d not touch that with a 10ft pole.

Clarification/rationale: there are perhaps more sensitive things than location, but it has no business knowing it. And if it can’t even behave in that regard, god knows what else is wrong with it.

1 Like It is free and open source :wink:

Can AT Wallet integrate with it?

Apparently the special thing about AT Wallet is the fingerprint lock. This app is an open source alternative but does not offer this function. Apparently a similar app with fingerprint support was written for iOS:

I know nothing about programming, but I think we need clients like this for Linux (even if it’s a flatpak or appimage)

Would having an API help?

It has a cradle+wired method…

I may put a $500 USD bounty on it being ported over to SailfishOS… Or maybe do a GoFundMe plus a petition to help incorporate and open up APIs for hardware wallets to other platforms…