Help me port microtube to desktop

Hello there.


For some months now there’s been this idea of porting microtube to desktop linux for use on low power devices. I started porting it a bit but the efforts been slow. So I’m here calling for contributions.

What’s the plan

I don’t plan on stopping sfos support so instead of rewrite, I want to make it possible to build microtube on qt6 and also have alternative UI for it. Because sfos has its own weird hw acceleration, entire player has to be replaced which I’m planning on embedding mpv. But in general it means adding a lot of ifdefs, modifying cmake files and then remaking entire qml ui. For the UI I will probably take a wheel but to get to the UI a lot of backend job has to be done.

Why port to desktop

Many people tried Microtube and from what I’ve seen many people praised and liked it. Youtube and more specifically browser is quite heavy, which might not show up on your 12900ks and 32GB ram but it shows up quite easily on phones, on older devices like my vaio ux or thinkpad w530 (in general i think thinkpad community would like that). I also want to make nemo specific ui and have it work on nemo.

UI plans

I’m planning on ui quite similar to minitube but better. Persistent search on the left, video on the right, description below with recommendations to the right of description. One key point is to make it fully keyboard operable for nerds and for use in big screen.

Okay where do I contribute

I’ve started changes already by adding TARGET_SAILFISHOS to the cmake but didn’t get much further than that. You can contribute directly to the main branch of the repo.