"Heartbeat" background sound when calling?

My phone connection is somewhat flaky so calls drop quite often. I would like to wish for a subtle background sound when calling that stops when the call is dropped. (Yes, I mostly use a bluetooth headset).


Wouldn’t a “call has dropped” sound be better?

@attah - Sadly no. Sometimes the call just fades away without completely disconnecting. The funny thing is that I spoke about this (requested) feature with a friend yesterday and he couldn’t understand why it would be needed. …even though he had asked me if I was still there just minutes earlier… A bluetooth (mono) headset makes a sound when the call goes down completely.

An additional function would be that the “heartbeat” changes depending on something like reception strength.

I realize this is a nitpick to the average user, but i still think it is important for the issue.
So you are not in fact talking about dropped calls, but e.g. a stalled/broken/hung audio pipeline serving it up to your headset? Ideally that should be fixed instead of worked around, but at least now the request makes sense.

The audio pipeline rarely hangs… It is the mobile phone connection that usually malfunctions (without dropping the call). I think phone network issues would be harder to troubleshoot.

That is why I wish for this feature.