Health: a new app to track health metrics and conditions (WIP)

Hi everyone,

My students are in their last steps to finish the specifications and mockups for a new Health app for SailfishOS, and will start implementing a first version (with an ETA for late November/early December).

I’d like to share a few updates with you along with the first few mockups they designed. Don’t hesitate to give your feedback, but be aware the course is not about a programming course per se, nor a graphical design one.

The code will be released as open source and I’m hoping the community can take the student’s version and refine it to a finished software for SFOS.

Main features:

  • Track health metrics
  • Track medical conditions (illness and medications)
  • Track vaccines
  • Track nutrition (calories and water)
  • Meditation (music sessions)
  • Track menstrual cycles

The app will have multiple user profiles.

Mockups can be found here (multiple groups are working on the app, each group developing a part of it, so expect some inconsistency for now, including in languages):


From a short look at it the design feels a bit inconsistent to me. I get that different people design different parts BUT it would be good if all of them seat together to make it look a bit better.

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Yes but I have to grade them separately. Most of the difference is with how they use figma and their drawing skills (which is not taught in my course).

At the end, they’ll all use the SFOS default components so it’ll hopefully be consistent.

How about a collaboration with Kuri: Kuri | — Community Repository System as they are already offering a similar app :slight_smile:

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Thanks but it’s a different app. Kuri is a sport tracker, we’re building a comprehensive health app (medication, vaccines, menstruation, weight and other health metrics).


What abour integration with smart watches. e.g. the Amazfit GTR2.


Nice project! There is a need for reliable health apps without tracking. Success!

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