Have You ever re-installed SFOS - Comparison and Experiences

I have been using SFOS since 2020. Now I got a new device and went for a fresh install.
In other words, I’ve been upgrading the first phone since SFOS 3.x., all the way to, which is the same version I installed on the new phone.

I noticed some subtle differences and a vague feeling (probably just placebo) that it’s snappier.

If you went through a similar process I’d like to compare notes.

I’ll go first:

  • Bluetooth: On my old XA2 I had problems for years, creating workarounds because even a Utilities restart did not help. On the new install, all is good (so far, knock on wood)!
  • I’m pretty sure zypper (frontend) was installed previously; the new version doesn’t, apparently in favour of pkcon, which still uses the libzypp libraries.
  • Not sure but I got the impression the installation of original Jolla apps before and after registration has changed and feels more streamlined.
  • the username has changed from nemo to defaultuser which has an effect on badly coded applications.

Maybe you want to search in the forum for a workaround to successful restore the complete backup. It’s easily doable.

Yes, i definitively made the same experience. A freshly flashed device mostly works better than a long time updated one. Self made tweaks or changes in the system may be overwritten on updating, so changes are gone and one has to tweak again. Also update may fail and/or remain uncomplete. Default username changed from nemo to defaultuser long time ago, but was not changed in old and updated installations. So there the username remaines nemo until you flash it new. After this the username will be defaultuser.

Zypper wasn’t part of the standard installation in 2020, probably you installed it manually. To my understanding this is still possible.

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Somebody remembers better than me! I must have forgotten that I installed it myself at some point.

I wonder if someone had the experience of Bluetooth improvement like me - although the XA2 Ultra is not exactly the same device as the XA2 Dual SIM.

it’s always better to start fresh from zero and re-install the system

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In regard of all the bugs reported, and of my positive experience withe reflashed devices, I’d say so roo.

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