Hardware buttons and sailjail?

As far as I can tell there is no sailjail permission which allows controlling the hardware buttons/volume rocker? I would not be surprised, as I do think that is not allowed in the store and there are only harbour-store compliant permissions?
The downside would be I need to disable sailjail as a whole, just to provide access to the buttons. A non-store compliant “hardware button access” sailjail permission would have been a more fine grained approach for me if it comes to security.

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How does it work to access them?
Could you perhaps ship a custom FireJail profile?

Here is an example app how to acomplish that: http://mikeasoft.com/~mike/volume-keys-resource-test.tar.gz

Writing a custom profile might be an option, although that was not what I had in mind when asking this question.

Hmm - can’t really see through what is really behind the QML “Keys” - whether it is file access, dbus or something else.
Well; i suspect many openrepos-apps will have to make this choice - custom permissions or no jailing.

But since the native camera can access the volume keys for taking pictures, presumably this specific thing can be achieved anyway - but how?
The only thing that stands out in its permissions is Privileged, wonder if that helps.

Can’t really find Privileged as an actual sailjail permission (https://github.com/sailfishos/sailjail-permissions)

Not sure where it it is hooked in, but it definitely exists.

Privileged indeed is an existing permission (not mentioned on this github doc page).
But it does not allow me to use the volume keys.

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Just made a quick test, and it seems you need the Audio permission. That does makes some sense, in fact, they’re audio buttons.


I thought I tested that, but apparently not. This seems to do the job!