Harbour-tutorial gives an inaccurate instruction

HARDWARE: Sony Xperia 10 III

I just updated to the latest OS version and I noticed the tutorial app was back in the app tray. I went through the tutorial to see if I had missed something in the first time.

Here is the advice the app is giving:

I used to close the app tray this way for some time even though it is a bit of a stretch to reach the top edge with my thumb. Then, I noticed I could swipe down anywhere inside the app tray to close it. Maybe that part of the tutorial could be worder differently to not mislead new users.

PS. It would be nice if the tutorial app could be removed or hidden from the tray more easily and intuitively. A long hold on the app icon should give the user the possibility to remove / hide the app.

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Some time ago @Edz gave me a hint to hide the tutorial app on the app grid:

"the icon can be hidden by adding a one line statement in


Add the following text; NoDisplay=true Add the new line as shown below; [Desktop Entry] Type=Application NoDisplay=true

Add the following text;


Add the new line as shown below;

[Desktop Entry]
NoDisplay=true <— here is a good place
Exec=invoker -s --type=silica-qt5 /usr/bin/sailfish-tutorial
Comment=Sailfish tutorial



Save and watch the icon remove itself from the launcher."

Thanks again @Edz !

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Pinging @sledges to change the wording of tutorial-la-swipe_to_close_grid.

Afaik that only works, when you are on the first page of the launcher, otherwise it scrolls back to the previous page.
That that distinction is hard to convey in one short sentence, so imho it’s ok for the tutorial to gloss skip this and only explain the method that always works…

Totally agree, but this has been requested multiple times and it doesn’t seem like Jolla will give us that option any time soon…
In the meantime, there’s a patch to hide the icon.

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Yes, I’m glad this forum had the answer I was looking for when I installed SFOS for the first time @Seven.of.nine. At first I tried to look into the documentation to no avail. I don’t know who I should ping, but could hiding the tutorial or any app icon be covered in the Reference page?

Thank you for pointing this out. I just tested this and it seems like you are completely right. I have stuffed many of my app icons into folders, so I’ve never had to scroll down or up in the app tray.

I will mark your answer as a solution, since it explains why the tutorial is written as it is.

I believe you are right. The only way to cover both methods in a short sentence would be something like “Swipe down until it closes”, but that’s too vague of an expression in my opinion.