Happy Birthday Jolla!

Despite the rough seas,
despite the challenging empires,
despite the lacking resources - you are still here!

Here’s to 100 more years!


I like the picture (on the blog post). But shouldn’t somebody be on the tiller?

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Yeah! Can somebody turn the blog post picture into a nice 10 Year Anniversary ambience? :slightly_smiling_face:


You mean the cover image? I tried, but resolution/quality is low, it doesn´t look good on modern screens.

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Ah, a pity. Maybe somebody at Jolla has a proper source file and can do it?

I doubt it - copyright and such.

But what they could do (or rather, could have done already!) is to release a celebratory Ambience themed like those slides in babyblue and magenta (and maybe even some music/tones).

In ancient times I’d even have expected a ToH cover only for those at the event - which comes with that Ambience. Could have been :confused: But alas! both ToH and evolving of Ambiences have faded away.


The website seems to provide the cover page of all of their newspapers, but the archives are off before 2013. It seems you’re unlucky @DaveRo :slight_smile:
(Lehdet | HS.fi)

Thanks @tortoisedoc! It’s great that you’re all here with us!

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