Hanging Calls and Hanging Notifications with running multiple apps

BUILD ID = OS VERSION: Sailfish OS 4.3 and the same Problem in 4.1 and 4.2
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): No

is the problem known that when running multiple apps over several days (1-3 days) there are problems?
I am observing several symptoms with this.
The first is, that when notifications come, when I press on the notification icon either the system hangs in the old app or even the screen goes black again, when starting again I can then read the message by selecting the app in the main menu.
Even worse, if I get a call in this state, the phone rings when answering the call aborts. If the person calls again, the phone signals that there is still a call in progress, if I then press on old call reject or hold, I still do not get the call accepted, I have to call back to be able to make a call. To solve the problem, I restart the display completely if necessary.
It would be good that calls have absolute priority No. 1.

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Are you talking about native SailfishOS apps, or about Android apps?
All I can tell is that long-running native apps are not a problem. Usually I start the most frequently used apps after rebooting my Xperia 10ii, and keep them running until next reboot (or until OOM killer decides to do its job). App lifespan can be several weeks or months this way.

I talking over native SailfishOS apps and Android Apps.
I use 2 Android Apps regulary, Threema as a messanger and Firefox at Webbrowser. This 2 Apps are necessary fore me. Firefox is much better than the webos Browser. When possible i use Sailfish OS App.

What you describe is indeed the behavior of the gui when an app hangs for some reason, but in my experience this is only true for native apps. In this case, after a few seconds a system message appears asking to either kill the app, or to wait for the app to response.
When an Android app hangs, no such message appears, at least if I remember correctly. The screen may become black, but it should still be possible to switch to other apps (by swiping sideways) or to close the app. Sometimes all running Android apps are affected, and one has to restart Android app support to get that solved.
In my own experience this happened very few times since the latest SFOS releases that seem to be very stable in this regard. I get uptimes of more than a month easily, but I admit that I restart Android app support daily.

Thanks for your answer,
I will restart Android support daily in the future and report back later if this helps. I did not know this possibility yet. A non-response with warning message I have never seen.

But that means that Android support still has bugs. Another bug I’ve noticed is that switching to a Wi-Fi network on Android sometimes lags behind Sailfish OS apps. Either you wait a while, or accelerate it with a restart of the network connection, but in extreme cases you have to do this several times.

Just few days ago, I noticed that after making a WhatsApp call the phone stopped ringing. I just noticed this because the phone was laying on the desk and saw the on screen notification. After restarting android support, it was ringing again. The next day I could not reproduce this. S oit is happening occasionally.

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