HabitSailor App

I’ve been recently paying around with the HabitSailor app by Jeremy Farnaud. This is a native SFOS Habitica client which allows you to manage actions and goals in a fun, game like manner. It also has the huge advantage of being able to share actions, to-dos, habits, etc across all your devices as it syncs with a Habitica server. At present there seems to be no other native SFOS action/To-Do management app that can do this. Although there are ios and android Habitica client apps available, the android one actually working on SFOS App Support, Jeremy’s native app is a model of clarity and simplicity (as are most SFOS apps) when compared to the rather cluttered UI of the official apps.

I don’t know if Jeremy is still around, but the last update of this app was over four years ago. It still works very well, but sadly only on 32-bit SFOS phones - so I can use it on my XA2, but not on my more modern Xperia 10 iii.

It would be a pity to let such an excellent native app die, and would be really nice if either Jeremy or another SFOS expert in re-packaging (e.g. @poetaster perhaps?) could pick it up and at least recompile or repackage it for 64-bit architecture. I have no idea how much work there is to do this, so I am just putting a friendly request out here to see if anyone is interested.


This one? GitHub - remjey/HabitSailor: SailfishOS basic client for Habitica

I did a quick build on github: https://github.com/poetaster/HabitSailor/suites/17855492581/artifacts/1024516142

If that works, I’ll ping the author and ask if he’d consider putting the repo in the care of sailfishos-chum.


Yes, this is the one!

Does the build work? I’ll ping upstream if the build works.

Where would I find it? In OpenRepos or Chum? Remember, I’m not a tech, but a lawyer :smile:

I’ve tried following the link you posted above but I just got a 404.

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Hmm. Just clicked again and it downloaded the rpm. Not sure why it wouldn’t work for you.
EDIT: you can try Add: a workflow to build on tag · poetaster/HabitSailor@2583d03 · GitHub and download from the bottom of the page.

Sadly that doesn’t work either. I get this screen, but nothing is clickable, either in the SFOS stock browser or in Angelfish. Perhaps I need a github account?

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Confirmed - I can only download when logged in to github.

Ok, I thought that might be the case. I’ll try and create myself an account if I can over the weekend.

Ah, sorry, I’ll try to get it to do a proper release. That step makes publicly downloadable files. For some reason it was failing.

Ok, I fixed the release part (repo permissions issue): Release v0.8-1 · poetaster/HabitSailor · GitHub

Brilliant! Thank you so much @poetaster . The rpm downloaded and installed on my Xperia 10iii without problem. Logged in to the server and everything seems to be there and working fine.

Ok. I’ll ping upstream and see if we can get this into chum. Thanks for testing!

EDIT: done.