GPS stopped working

Right now the GPS on my XA2 is for all intents useless. It takes 15 minutes or more to obtain a lock on. I’m well and truly into my walk or cycle ride in that time, or if I’m driving somewhere I can’t afford to wait that long.

My Xperia X locks on within a minute or so. Unfortunately the XA2 is my daily driver and who wants to carry around two devices all the time.

I run GPSInfo on both devices and one interesting thing I’ve noticed is the X always instantly displays the number of satellites in view (usually at least 20) whereas the XA2 will display 0 and take many minutes to show any in view and much longer before it shows any in use. The X will show several in use within a minute or two. No doubt the X is using data from the last it was used to do this. It’s as if the XA2 doesn’t remember the data from the previous time.

I wish Jolla would be a bit more forthcoming with a fix. The radio silence on this issue is very disappointing. Pretty well everyone uses the GPS function on their phone, so to have it not functioning is unacceptable in my opinion.

Now some questions for @martinh. Where do I find the GPS config file? I’m not in Europe so what would I enter for the Australasian region?


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This behaviour indicates, that the almanach is not used on your XA2. For it to work you need

  • the almanach obviously
  • a reasonable time estimate, e.g. from an ntp server
  • a location estimate.

These informations put together the receiver will for each satellite compute the angle above horizon and will consider all satelites above a certain threshold as ‘in view’.

The almanach is usually cached on device when you have a GPS fix for a couple of time or will be automatically downloaded from an XTRA server. The time estimate is also quite robust when an NTP server is properly configured. Problem is the initial position estimate, since MLS does no longer work. But usually geoclue-master is sufficient, which caches the last known position in ~/.local/share/qtposition-geoclue. If that information isn’t too old, it will be used (and automatically discarded, if you moved too far away from the cached position).

As described in this post /etc/gps.conf is a symlink to /vendor/etc/gps.conf. The only possibly useful adaptation for your region is a different time server, as it is already documented in /etc/gps.conf.

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Same problem here with XA2.

The GPS in my Xperia X works pretty well especialy compared to my Xperia XA2. I’ve gone and compared the GPS Config files on my XA2 with my X. Now I have some questions for those on here that have much more knowledge than I do on this subject.

Rather than copy the complete GPS Config files and post them here I have posted a couple of excerpts to ask about and then if necessary post more details later.

Should these scripts be the same? For example the X lists izatcloud whereas the XA 2 list gpsonextra
Since I live in the Oceania area shouldn’t be listed also?

There are some other differences between each file but rather than make this post too cumbersome I’ve not listed them. If anyone wishes to provide me with more in depth help I can send the complete files separately.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

I don’t think it should matter much regarding the time accuracy where the time server is located geographically, the network time protocol is designed to take latency etc into account. Any decently accurate server should allow what @martinh described as “a reasonable time estimate”. Using a server that is somewhat “local” might improve its overall availability though. And both phones seem to me to have the same default of anyway (hosted in the cloud so who knows “where” it is served from).

I would guess there are settings way more important to positioning in the GPS config files than the NTP server.

Actually I doubt the NTP_SERVER configuration is used at all. At least I couldn’t find the place where it is picked up.

Important are the SUPL settings. And if testing with gpstest, make sure that configuration option Show empty channels is yes. Otherwise gpstest will not show the satellites in view reported by the Snapdragon SOC but only the ones with positive signal strength.