GPS/Location not working with some Android apps - will installing MicroG help?

I have a 10iii running the paid version of Sailfish with Android support. I also have an XA2 and an X which have the same issues though in the case of the XA2 the general GPS situation is a whole lot worse than the 10iii or the X.

HERE WeGo app provides location/position information using the GPS on the phone but other Android apps, e.g. SportsTracker, Windy, AvPlan do not show your location. Sportstracker keeps showing a message saying waiting for GPS, even though HERE We Go is already showing the correct location.

Is it just a matter of some apps requiring Google Play Services while other apps don’t need any Google help?

Is there anyway to enable GPS location for these apps? Will installing MicroG or similar fix the problem?

Thanks for any help.

To answer my own question.

Yes MicroG does enable GPS/Location for those Android apps I mentioned above. Location acquisition isn’t always super quick, but opening the GPSInfo app seems to help.

You also need enable the location permissions in MicroG Settings.