Got myself a brand new Xperia 10 II, F-droid crashes

I’m following this guide:

So I’ve downloaded F-droid from the site.
Now F-droid was already crashing from the store so I uninstalled it.
Now it’s crashing hard after an attempt to download and install the Aurora Store.

It happens with each install, the download goes fine, but when finished, the app splits into two, one of the turns sideways, I can see the install option in small, but never reach it as it crashes opening either of them.

Why not install F-Droid from Store?

This is what the guide says:

Do not install any Android apps from the Jolla Store (those with their icons labeled with a small,
overlaid Android, plus the line “Android app” atop their description),
not even the app stores’ client apps offered there (F-Droid, Aptoide “Store”, Yandex etc.),
otherwise you may later run into troubles when updating these apps.

Anyway, I fixed it by rebooting.

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So it seems. I don’t know how i have missed that. Maybe because i’m getting old and stupid (or more stupid, if that’s even possible).

I have a vague memory that i did that with my XA2, but on 10 III i installed F-Droid straight from the Store. Never had any problems though.

Now i wonder… If the suggestion is not to install any Android apps from Store, why there are any…

That’s coming to me completely new. So when setting up SFOS I should only install AppSupport but no store from Jolla Store? I’ve manually to go to respective websites and install apks from there?

Apparently? What I have noticed is that the aurora store is better than aptoide though. Some apps I couldn’t install via aptoide I can on the aurora store.

I’ve a tip. What saved many italian banking/postal apps to work is Huawei’s AppGallery. Thank for their hms i could get working without even microG my bank app. And the cool thing is that Jolla’s policy of Android apps are that they somehow consume less battery also when working on the background. So my tips are Aurora Store and AppGallery.